Kids Birthday Party

If you are looking for kids’ party ideas, we have hovercrafting from age 5+ (accompanied by an instructor). Kids over 10 can join in archery games including combat archery, axe throwing. Off-road karting will keep those 12 years and over entertained.

New for 2021 are our junior dirt karts, suitable for ages 7-12.


and STEM

We have great outdoor activities for confidence developing and personal enrichment. These can be geared towards schools curriculum in the form of STEM as well as for team building and personal development. We have activities that cater perfectly for ages 10 upwards. Please contact our team discuss your particular needs.

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Group Archery Combat (Age 12+)

Group Archery Combat (Age 12+)

from £20.00PP  Min 8 Persons 8+

  • Group Activity
  • Various gameplays
  • Hunger Games meets Dodgeball
  • Minimum age 12yrs
  • Minimum duration 60mins
  • Minimum persons: 8

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