Axe Throwing in Cheshire

Our Axe Throwing events provide people of all ages 14+ with an enjoyable and often competitive experience. It is hugely satisfying to stick one of our 22" Tomahawks into the log targets.

Our friendly and experienced instructors will take you through the safety and introduce you to the Axes. Following this you will be encouraged to hit the bullseye.

Once you have mastered the basics you will take part in a competition to find out who is the Ultimate Viking Warrior.

Our Tomahawk activities are great for Groups or Individuals and great to add on as part of a multiple activity day for our larger groups and corporate events.

We reccomend trying Axe throwing as part of one of our Commando packages and definitely with our Blow Darts 

Take a look at our other activities and see below some of our ready made packages.

Popular Axe Throwing Packages...

Axe throwing Experience (Age 14+)

Axe throwing Experience (Age 14+)

from £20.00  Min 1 Persons 1+