1. Definitions
    The parties referred to in these terms and conditions are as follows:
    1. “Agreement” means the “Confirmation of Reservation” of event date and price.
    2. “Client” means the contracting Company or person.
    3. “Company” means Hover Force Limited.
    4. “Confirmation of Reservation” refers to the email sent to the Client detailing the booking.
    5. “Booking Insurance Fee” means a non-refundable fee to provide the Client with enhanced terms and conditions in the lead up to the event.
    6. “Event Date” means the date as stated within the “Confirmation of Reservation” on which the “Services” will be provided by the“Company” to the “Client”.
    7. “Consideration” means the consideration payable by the “Client” to the “Company” as stated in the “Agreement” and shall be calculated on the initial minimum number of participants indicated on the “Agreement” or the number actually attending, whichever is greater.
    8. “Participant” means all or any invitees of the “Client”.
    9. “Payment Dates” means the dates upon which the “Deposit” and the “Balance” are due and payable to the “Company”.
    10. “Representative” means any person or persons acting as servants or agents of the “Company” or independent contractors from time to time employed by the “Company”.
    11. “Minimum Period of Notice” the minimum number of days by which the “Client” must notify the “Company” in writing and it be agreed by the “Company”:​​
      • 1-4 “Participant” required 7 days’ notice. 14 days' notice for saturdays.
      • 5-15 “Participant” required 14 days’ notice. 28 days' notice for saturdays.
      • 16 or more “Participant” required 28 days’ notice.
    12. “Services” means all services provided by the “Company” at the request of the “Client”.
    13. The “ Lead Name” is the person who books or represents the Client if the Client does not attend
    14. Short Notice” within 3 days of event taking place
  2. Application of Booking Insurance.
    1. The Booking Insurance varies the Standard Terms of Conditions as below. If it is not detailed below then the Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.
    2. These Enhanced Terms and Conditions only apply to those bookings which have purchased Booking Insurance and paid the agreed sum and or it is detailed in the Confirmation of Reservation at the time of booking.
    3. Booking Insurance is none refundable in all events.
  3. Eligibility
    1. Any Client or participant is eligibile for Booking Insurance. This must be entered into at the time of booking and cannot be added to a booking after the fact. 
    2. Any existing booking entered into can Add Booking Insurance at any time during the 14 day cooling off period, provided there are at least 14 days until the Minimum Period of Notice.​
  4. Booking Insurance Fee. The Booking Insurance Fee is for each Participant. For any group bookings for Booking Insurance to apply it must be entered into as a whole group. This is added to the booking and in all events is non-refundable. Booking Insurance is not transferable.
  5. Enhanced Cancellation. The Client is entitled to cancel and get a full refund, less the Booking Insurance Fee, at any time up until the relevant Minimum Period of Notice.
  6. Enhanced Postponement. 
    1. The Client is entitled to arrange 1 postponement of the entire booking at any time as detailed below
      • 1-4 “Participant” Anytime up until Check in.
      • 5-15 “Participant” 48hrs prior to Check in.
      • 16 or more “Participant” 48hrs prior to Check in.
    2. Prior to the Minimum Period of Notice the Client is permitted to make as many date changes as is required. If the Client postpones a booking inside the relevant Minimum period of Notice then the right to Cancel or Reduce numbers is no longer valid. The Client will have 12 months from the date of cancellation to reschedule the entire event.
  7. Flexibility to Change Numbers. A request to increase the number of guests may be made at any time after the Confirmation of Reservation subject to availability. Any extra guests must be paid for according to the current price list at that time and where added to a Group Booking the Booking Insurance will be increased at the rate of 20%. A reduction in numbers will be accepted with a full refund less the applicable Booking Insurance Fee for those reductions and will be accomodated at any time upto the relevant Minimum period of Notice.