CoronaVirus - ( Covid - 19) - Important Update




Following Government guidance that some outdoor recreation can now take place we are able to reopen some activities/ facilities. We already operate on the basis that attendance is strictly by appointment and booking durations will be increased to ensure the venue does not become crowded. Our outdoor activities are such that they already involve a significant amount of social distancing.

What we are doing to protect you?

NEW Rule of 6

"You can continue to take part in organised sporting or licensed physical activity in groups of more than 6. This can be in any public place or a private outdoor space like a garden; but not inside a private home. These activities either need to be organised by a club, business or charity; and/or involve someone who has received an official license to use equipment relevant to the activity. In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and ensure compliance with COVID-19 Secure guidance." (extract from

What we are asking you to do?

What happens to my booking?

Any booking that was postponed due to the Government forced closure can be rebooked to suit your new arrangements. Your original payment/ deposit/ voucher will be carried forward or extended where necessary to allow this. All previously agreed packages and prices will be carried forward as per the original booking.

Even though we are reopening we understand that your plans may have changed and as such we are permitting postponement to suit your new plans without restrictions or penalty. We simply ask you give us as much warning as possible.

As Government restrictions are eased we will endeavour to accommodate all bookings. Please remember that yours and our safety come first and there will be some limitations on activities and or sequencing of multiple activity events in accordance with following the Governments guidance. Please email your booking requests to or contact the events team on 01928240444 for assistance

What happens to my gift voucher?

Any unused vouchers that were valid at the time of the closure on 20th March will be extended to allow for the time of closure plus an additional 6 months a total of 8.5 months. Booked vouchers affected by the closure will have the vouchers reinstated and the same 6 month extension applied. Any vouchers that are now expired or are due to expire during the time of closure we will grant a 6 month voucher extension to 6 December 2020.

What happens if there are more lockdowns?

We are all hoping that this will not happen. There are a few alterations we are applying to our normal procedures. For group bookings of 8 people or more we are nor asking for payment until 7 days prior. If we have to close then a full refund will be issued. If you are unable to travel due to restrictions affecting your ability to attend we ask for your immediate communication and provided we have adequate notification we will grant a postponement. We ask for 7 days minimum notice of a postponement. Where this cannot be done we expect your earliest commuication of any concerns of a lockdown affecting you. The more informed you keep us the more flexible we can be. The deposit is just £50 and is purchased as a gift voucher and this is none refundable to cover all our costs in making the booking and in the event of cancellation will be retained to cover same. 

Any cancellations within 48hrs will incur a rebooking fee of £15pp. Any cancellation on the day will be a forfeit of the booking. In both cases you must call and speak to management on 01928240444.

How to contact us at this time

We are fully back running events 7 days a week. If you cannot get through to an adviser on the phone leave a voicemail and or follow up with an email. We will get beck to you.


We look forward to welcoming you in the near future and to providing you with an extraordinary experience to remember!


Stay Alert. Control the Virus. Save lives.



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