Segway Experiences Cheshire

Our Segway event provides people of all ages 10+ with a fun and exciting Segway Experience. With just 2 wheels we will teach you how to master these clever machines.

The Segway is battery powered and has some very sophisticated technology on board that helps you to glide over the ground on 2 wheels. We operate the X2 off road model which is a very capable version and perfect for your Segway Experience.

Our friendly and experienced instructors will take you through the safety and introduce you to the Segway. Following this you will be encouraged to climb onto the X2 Segway and the instructors through headset communications will coach you in how to get to grips with these graceful machines. Once you have mastered the basics you will be lead out on a trail with your instructor. Once you are familiar with the track and Segway you will be allowed to take the Segway off around our track on your own.

Our Segway events are best suited to Small Groups of less than 6 people or as part of a multiple activity day for our larger groups and corporate events.

We have a fleet of 10+ DTV shredders for you to play with. For a multiple activity day we reccomend trying the Segway alongside the Hovercraft or the DTV Shredder.

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Multiple Activity Event

Multiple Activity Event

  Min 2 Persons 2+

  • Build your own Multi Event Day
  • Bespoke unique event
  • Flexibility to book half or full day events
  • Book direct for best prices and availability
  • Available for 2 -100 people
  • Minimum age 7yrs
  • Minimum duration 60mins
  • Minimum persons: 2

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