Hovercraft Duels (Age 16+)

Hovercraft Duels - It is finally here the only venue in the UK that will see 2 hovercraft racing side by side. 

Experience the thrill of racing against another hovercraft- it's the ultimate adrenaline packed day out for you and your group!

Hovercraft Duels
Hovercrafting is where we started and we have grown our fleet to the largest in the UK. We have for built 2 mirror image tracks that are side by side. This allows us to set you up on a head to head race while eliminating the risk of crashing in to each other. 

This is a simulation and is the closest you will be ever get to actually racing these machines without buying your own machine and entering into Hovercraft Racing Events. The track has been kept simple so you will quickly get used to the controls and we can get busy with the duals. Its a bit like drag racing around 2 contra rotating oval circuits.

Your event will begin with some briefing about the hovercraft and how they fly. We will then get you out to get a feel for how they work. Once you have got the basics then the duels will begin. You will take part in a number of race duels before the grand winner is crowned!!

Groups (6+): £45.00PPEnquire now


  • Waterproof suits and additional clothing protection available to buy if required
  • All safety equipment provided


Based on 8 approx 1.5hrs


Throughout the year Monday - Sunday

Terms and conditions:

  • Min age is 16.
  • For groups less than 6 then try Bronze Hovercraft
  • Max Weight approx 18st( please check first)
  • Min Group Size is 8 and max is 12 (extra activities can be added for very large groups)
  • Under 18's to be accompanied by parent/guardian only. Guardians must be present and sign a waiver prior to participation.
  • Must be in good health. Please consult if uncertain. 
  • Suitable outdoor clothing must be worn. Bring spare clothes to change in to. A towel is recommended and a bin bag for your wet gear.
  • Disposable protective suits and nitrile gloves available to buy on day. Recommended in the winter!

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