Survival School

Enjoy a thrilling day out where you will meet those who have served in the armed forces. Our freindly and knowledgeable team are keen to pass on their skills. The Survival School will test your own skills and capabilities in a fun and relaxing environment. We aren't going to give you a beasting, well not unless you want us to!

The Survival School is where you will learn essential life skills covering aspects of:

Survival Tools & Knife Skills    

Survival Tins




First Aid




Traps & Snares




For those looking for a little more realism we will expand on the above to cover aspects of:

Tactical awareness

Concealment & Camouflage

Escape & Evasion


Survival School at 'The Fort'

Our survival school is based at "The Fort" which also provides the venue for our Shooting Range and is a great facility purpose built for the safe use of Archery, Air Pistols, Axe Throwing, Air Rifles & Crossbows.  The activities at Survival School are well suited to both young and old.

We also provide events for Scouts, Cadets, Schools and other organisations and have the capacity to cope with very large groups. We are passionate about catering for all abilities and ages. 

You can combine our Survival Activities with other outdoor activities.  So what are you waiting for? Get to Hover Force for your Survival Experience!


Popular Survival School Packages...

Kids Bushcraft Party (ages 6-10)

Kids Bushcraft Party (ages 6-10)

from £20.00  Min 10 Persons 10+